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About Swamiji.

Swami Shivaprakashananda Saraswati is a Sannyasi and a traditional teacher of Vedanta. Swami is a graduate in engineering with a brilliant academic record. He was an ardent student of Sanskrit during his school days. His deep contemplative nature and quest for spiritual Knowledge made him renounce mundane life at the age of twenty-two. Accomplished Gurus like Parama Poojya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Poojya Swamini Brahmaprakashanandaji and Swami Tattvamayanandaji imparted the vision of Advaita to Swamiji.

Swamiji received his initial spiritual training at Sri Ramakrishna Math. He studied Vedanta at Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam, situated at a serene forest area near Nagpur, for a period of three years. Swamiji had a solitary stay in the Himalayas on the banks of holy Ganga, which gave a golden lining to his spiritual experience. Swamiji was initiated into Sanyaasa at the age of 32. The year 2013 brought Swamiji to Bengaluru, where Swamiji started teaching Vedanta to seekers from all walks of life – from medical professionals to engineers and college students to professors.

For the past several years, Swamiji has been working tirelessly to disseminate the Knowledge of Vedanta. Swamiji is well versed in traditional Vedanta literature, various systems of Indian Philosophy and Paninian Grammar. He unfolds texts like Bhagavadgita and Upanishads in line with the traditional understanding and his own enlightenment.

Swamiji has firm conviction and absolute dedication to the works of traditional teachers of Vedanta like Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Swamiji has an ardent desire to spread knowledge without any pomp or show. His serene personality reflects the poise and depth of his knowledge. His simple, yet methodical and scientific approach in expounding the Spiritual Knowledge appeals even to the most logical minds of the present generation.


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