Shivarathri 2021

The Auspicious Shivaratri Vrata was observed on 11th March 2021, under the able Guidance of Swami Shivaprakashananda.
Shiva Puja was done with chanting of Sri rudra prashna and chamaka prashna. Many ardent devotees had the pleasure of listening to the anugraha BhashaNam of Swami Sri ShivaprakashAnanda elaborating the importance of Shivaratri.
Also nrtya seva , keertana seva & recitation of shiva stutis were offered.
The prayers, chanting, meditation and fast… all day and night , detoxifies the body and purifies the mind. The body feels lighter andĀ  mind feels more relaxed , but alert.
It was a divine experience to remain awake all night, perform puja & be in Shivachintanam duringĀ  the auspicious occasion.

About 35 devotees participated in the night-long program.