Brahma Sutra Camp – Manjakudi

Swami Shivaprakashananda Saraswati conducted the second camp of Brahma Sutra at Jnānapravāha, Manjakudi, Kumbakonam – the divine kshetra and the native place of Swami Dayananda Saraswati. The camp was held between 18 th to 30 th of November, 2019. Students who already have exposure to Upanishads and Bhāshya attended the camp, which was in English.

Like the previous camp, with the text “Vaiyāsika Nyāya Mālā’, five elements namely – Sangati, Vishaya, Samshaya, Purvapaksha and Siddhānta were briefed for each sutra. Listing the anuvritti’s and then doing anvaya, each sutra was explained.

Then bhashya was explained which covered the purvapaksha, its negation and establishment of the purport of the sutra by the Siddhānti. Swamiji gave the necessary connection for all the vishaya vākya’s from Upanishads and other scriptures wherever they occurred make the learning comfortable.

With his profound knowledge in other darshana’s too, Swamiji’s teaching was unfathomable. His plenary knowledge made even the complicated arguments easy for the students. Without compromising any details in the bhashya, Swamiji was lifting the student’s understanding levels. The bhashya’s language sounded like mother-
tongue in the way Swamiji lead.

Students felt really blessed that they could continue to study 
Brahma Sutra with such a competent and compassionate Ācārya. In all, there were 49 classes in 13 days. With these two camps, 3 pāda’s of 1 st adhyāya were covered which comprises 106 sutra’s in total.

Being a kshetra, students were taken for short trips to the main temples in and around the place. Doubts of the students were clarified immediately after the classes and in later discussions too. Students had
some group-study sessions too going through the bhashya. Very eagerly, students are looking forward for the next camp, which is tentatively fixed for May,2020.

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaḥ !